Terms of Use

To maintain all the rules and regulations, please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions precisely. We would like to inform you that the use of any of our services is subjected to your total acceptance in accordance with the following statements.

Whenever you subscribe or choose any of WoodenAlley’s services, you precisely agree that you have thoroughly read and understood the conditions and terms. After this, you are also ready to bound by the below-written statements.

Note: - In these terms and conditions, references to ‘user’, ‘your’, ‘you’ clearly means to the end-user accessing this Website, and 'Company', 'our', 'us', and 'we' means WoodenAlley.


The Website named as www.woodenalley.com is an emerging e-commerce portal owned and handled by the Company. The use of this Website is in concerned to your acceptance without any changes to all the terms and conditions created by the Company, as it's sole stated and discretion on the Website.

With this, the User will agree to the following terms and privacy policies designed by the Company:-

  • • Using all the facilities and services offered by the Website in any way.
  • • Exploring the content present on the Website.

We shall not be required to notify you about any kind of modifications made in the terms; for this, you should check the terms on the Website regularly. The use of facilities and services on the Website is subject to the updated version of the policy; hence to get information about any reformation in the policy shall be your sole responsibility.

Product Policy

The products shown in the image are basically a reference look. The newly manufactured item can look different from the one appearing in the picture due to various aspects such as, manual polish, lighting, the texture of wood, etc.

WoodenAlley range of furniture products is available in a fixed finesse set of finishes. So, we request you to please tell the finish you require with our customer support team is conducive to deliver the premium quality product at your doorstep.

Please note that in the case of solid wood furniture items, slight grains would be beautifully visible. Also, there may be a little variation in finish between the real product and 3-D designs that are being showcased on our Website.


www.woodenalley.com offers a platform based on the Internet to sell their quality products and conveniently merchandise on the Website. These services enable you to buy home furniture and furnishing items by placing an order. After placing the order from our firm, the Company will start the process of shipping, and the User will be sanctioned to pay for it.

Eligibility to Use

According to the legal Indian Constitution law, a person under the age of 18 is considered a minor. The services and facilities provided on our Website are not accessible for minors. Please be informed, if you are a resident of outside from India, then it's your entire responsibility to ensure about the eligibility of our services for you.

Any person who is prohibited under the current Laws of India is not allowed to use our services.

We reserve the legal end right to accept or decline the access to any new user or break off the access of the existing one, anytime. Also, the Company does not owe any kind of explanation for this action.

User Account, Password, and Security

Basically, our registration process of the Website allows User to utilize the services easily. On our Website, you have to just give general user information to create an account at WoodenAlley. It is the entire responsibility of the User to keep the confidentiality of the ID and password that you get after completion of the registration process. To prevent the breach of security or unauthorized access to your account, always make sure to exit at the end of each session. Also, the users are responsible for any kind of activity that occurred under the account. The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused in case you failed to obey the terms.

For the validity of the account, the User is responsible for all kinds of information provided during the registration process of the Website. In the situation of submitting inaccurate, incomplete, or untrue details, the Company has the full end rights to terminate or suspend the User’s account.

Pricing and Product Information

The Pricing Details of the product will be displayed on the Website and further disclosed to you during the time of your order/purchase. WoodenAlley does not give assurance that the cost will be the lowest for the same products within any specific locality, city, region, or geography. The prices and availability of Company products are subject to modified without notice or any consequential liabilities to customers. While, we always strive to offer exact information related to all the services and products, which includes price details or availability. Sometimes, in this case, the typographical and other small errors may occur. For instance, product or service listed at an incorrect cost or with incorrect details on the Website due to a minor fault, WoodenAlley has the right to modify the product or services immediately. To maintain the proper flow, our team shall contact you for further instructions via e-mail address given by you during the time of registration, or cancel the placed order and update you of such cancellation. If WoodenAlley cancels the order after the customer has processed the payment, then said amount would be transferred back to your account from which the payment was made. The Company has full-fledge rights to modify the discounts provided during the time of any sale, without giving any prior notice.

The Obligations of User

  • 1. Your access to our Website is a non-proprietary limited privilege, which is entirely subjected to compliance with the Terms of Use policies.
  • 2. The Website, services, and the materials provided to a User can only be used for objectives that are allotted by: (a) the Terms; and (b) any applicable law, relevant or regulation jurisdictions.
  • 3. You agree to adhere to all limitations on dissemination, use, and reproduction of any materials (such as the product catalogs) that the Customer will access our Website in accordance with the Terms and particularly mentioned in the 'Use of Material' Section.
  • 4. You agree not to use the Website, the services, or the material through any other kind of interface, which is not produced by the Company. Hereby, we inform you that the use of deep-link, robot, spider, or other automatic devices, program, algorithm or methodology, or any different sort of similar process to access or attempt to access the website or content (or any portion thereof) shall be strictly restricted.
  • 5. By using or accessing the services or Website of WoodenAlley, you may be disclosed to content from different users that you may find offensive, indecent, or objectionable. So, the Company disclaims all the liabilities arising in respect of such offensive content from the Website.
  • 6. The content uploaded or posted on the website of WoodenAlley should not be offensive and should be according to the current applicable laws. Users are entirely legally responsible for the content they post on any interface. Hence, further, you accept not to: -

    • Defame, harass, abuse, frighten, or otherwise disobey the legal laws of anyone

    • Impersonate any entity or person, or falsely mention or otherwise misrepresent your association with an entity or person

    • Publish, post, update, distribute, or disperse any inappropriate, obscene, profane, indecent, defamatory, or unlawful information through any tag or keyword.

    • Upload files only which contain software or other material protected by applicable legal laws unless User own or control the rights thereto or have received all important consents

    • Transferring the files containing a virus or such any kind of program may damage the Website or someone's personal Computer

    • Tackle any sort of activity that affects the functioning of the Website, the servers or networks linked to the entire Website

    • Attempting for any unauthorized access to the system, network, or to any server of the Website, or any try for gaining access via illegal means (including such as hacking and password mining)

    • Test or scan the vulnerability or violation of any authentication of the Website or networks linked to the Website.

    • Collect, share or store data about other users

    • Use of any device or software to interfere or attempt, in the proper functioning of the Services or any banking transaction

    • Use of the material or website content that is unlawful. Or to prepare for any illegal activity that affects the principles of the Company

    • Perform surveys, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or contests

    • Downloading the files (images or personal data), other users posted on the Website that is illegal to be allocated in such a manner

    • Strike out any author attributions, proprietary designations, legal notices, or any labels of the origin of the software accommodated in the uploaded file

    • Violate any code of conduct which is applicable to or for any particular type of service

    • Disobey regulated laws or rules in force within or outside India

    • Reverse engineer, copy, exhibit, dispense, reproduce, license, publish, relocate or sell any details obtained from the Website of WoodenAlley

  • 7. Hereby, you accept and agree that you are entirely responsible for any damage or loss or any infringement of your obligations under the terms.
  • 8. Kindly acknowledge that WoodenAlley is facilitating the products from different vendors. Hence, we shall not be supposed to be the seller of such kind of services. Furthermore, the Company shall not be responsible for any warranty, certifications, or guarantee provided by the vendors.

The Use of Material

  • 1. WoodenAlley grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable law to access the catalog of products or any other type of material available on the Website. According to the terms and conditions, you may:-

    • Access the detail for personal, internal, and informational objective

    • Not modify the material obtainable on the Website

    • Not abolish any proprietary or copyright notifications available on the website

  • 2. The layout, design, look, and theme of the website is protected under intellectual rights; thus, copying of the same shall not be allowed here in.
  • 3. Unless or otherwise allowed, the users are not permitted to download or install any kind of software accessible on the website.

Usage Conduct

  • 1. To visit and carry out any activity on the website, the basic requirements such as Internet connection and Computer shall be the entire responsibility of the User.
  • 2. Please be informed that, User access the website for sensible requirements only and shall not indulge in things that are not foreseen by the website.
  • 3. The Company shall not be liable for any kind of loss or damage arising out of decaf authorization for User’s transaction.
  • Intellectual Property Rights

    The Website, graphics, visual interfaces, texts, UI, images, sounds, music, and codes you come across, is handled and owned by WoodenAlley. Furthermore, the structure, design, coordination, selection, look-and-feel, expression, and alignment of these content is protected by copyright, trademark laws, patent, and many other intellectual property rights.

    The logos, trademarks, and services signs showcased on the website come under the property of WoodenAlley. Take a note; you are not allowed to use any of the signs without the prior consent of WoodenAlley.

    WoodenAlley possess all intellectual property laws to the trademark "The WoodenAlley Furnitures Pvt. Ltd." and variants related, and the domain name, including, without limitation, any and all laws, title and interest in and to copyright, corresponding rights, patents, trade secrets and inventions (patent pending), goodwill, databases, source code, meta tags, text, content, graphics, icons, and hyperlinks.

    Except for the expressed laws mentioned herein, you agree and admit that you shall not post, display, republish, translate, transmit, reproduce, copy, or distribute any sort of Content through a different medium without obtaining the essential legal authorization from WoodenAlley.

    Disclaimer About Warranties and Liability

    The Company ensures that all the information updated on the Website is correct; however, we never licensed about the quality, accuracy, and completeness of product, data, and services.

    WoodenAlley shall not be accountable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damaged occurred by:-

    • 1. The use or inability of services for users
    • 2. Unlicensed access to the data of any user; and
    • 3. Some matter related to the WoodenAlley services.

    We shall not be responsible for inability or delay in the use of the website or services, or any sort of information, graphics, and software acquired through the website. Moreover, we are not in charge of the non-availability of the website during an accidental suspension or periodic maintenance that occurred due to some technical issues.

    You acknowledge that the data procured from the website is done entirely through your wisdom. Thus you agree that you will be responsible for any damage and loss caused to your Computer with such kind of data.

    Violation of the Terms of Use

    In case of violation of the terms or additional terms, the Company may terminate the access to the website of User for its sole and absolute discretion. You agree to the injunctive or equitable action taken by WoodenAlley after the violation of the terms of use that causes any type of irreparable loss to the Company.

    You consent to compensate and hold harmless WoodenAlley, its affiliated directors, employees from and against any and all damages, losses, liabilities, claims, and expenses experienced by the Company that appeared for infringement, non-performance of any warranty or commitment performed by you.

    Moreover, you acknowledge holding the Company harmless in opposition to any claims made by any third party due to your access to the website that gives rise to third party damage. The Company will also be entitled to redeem from you, and you expressly agree to pay any cost and fees of such actions.


    • 1. The terms and conditions will continue to apply until terminated by WoodenAlley or you. Further, the User may terminate the agreement through:-

      • Not accessing our website

      • Deactivating or closing your account from our website.

    • 2. WoodenAlley at its absolute and sole care may terminate the terms of use with or without any reason, no matter when:-

      • Conditions, Terms, or any policy of the Company, applicable to you are breached.

      • WoodenAlley follows every law (For example, the provision of services become unlawful to your or any authority)

      • The provision of the WoodenAlley services to you is no longer commercially viable.

      • The Company elected to discontinue the access of the website, in a specified or general way for you.

      • Termination or suspension due to technical reasons may include, removal of access to the website, deletion of user material (including files and material of User with account information), exclude you from accessing our website.

    • 3. WoodenAlley shall not be liable to any third party for such termination.
    • 4. Termination or suspension shall not affect the liabilities and obligations of the User.

    Governing Law

    • 1. Terms, transactions, and any type of mutual claims between you and WoodenAlley shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India.
    • 2. All claims, disputes, and differences arising in connection with the Company shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Jaipur, Rajasthan. Hereby, you accede to and accept the jurisdiction laws of such courts.

    Report of Any Abuse

    For instance, WoodenAlley allows you to upload any material of the website, and you with this means undertake that it should not be:-

    • • Any type of offensive, threatening, and abusive content
    • • Discredit the applicable rights and laws

    According to the terms and conditions of WoodenAlley, the users can be liable for every material or content published on the website. Moreover, they can be legally accountable, if the material or content is protected or defamatory by the trademark or Company's copyright. By chance, you came across any violation or abuse of the policies; please feel free to report to our reliable Customer Support.

    Privacy Policy

    With this, you accept that you have read and fully understand the website's privacy policy; moreover, you admit that all the terms and conditions of the policy are acknowledged by you.

    Newsletters and Communication

    You consent to receive all the communication and newsletters of WoodenAlley via a network of SMS and emails. In case you want to unsubscribe from this service, kindly follow the procedure set ahead on the Website.

    General Provisions

    • 1. Notice: The notices from WoodenAlley will be provided by an email to the designated account or general notification on the Website.
    • 2. Assignment: The Rights of the Company for the 'terms of use' are openly transferable to a third party without the need to ask for your consent.
    • 3. Severability: If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of the Terms, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, the same shall not affect the provisions of any other portion of the Terms.
    • 4. Waiver: Any failure to enforce or exercise any provisions of the terms by WoodenAlley, shall not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other.
    • 5. Feedback and Information: Any feedback you write to us is deemed to be non-confidential. WoodenAlley shall be totally free to use such type of information without any restrictions. You constitute and warrant that:-

      • The feedback does not contain any confidential information about you.

      • WoodenAlley is not under an obligation of confidentiality with respect to your feedback.

      • Under any kind of circumstances, the User is not entitled to reimbursement for the feedback.

    • 6. No Guarantee of Fidelity: WoodenAlley hereby abandons the guarantee of accurateness of the looks or finish of the final product. For instance, if you get delivered any damaged product, the photographic evidence must be forwarded to the Customer Support team within 24 hours of acquiring the product. The evidence will be checked by our expert's team; further, valid damage will be confirmed via an email for replacement. In the event of damaged replacement, the order will be cancelled, and the Company will refund your whole amount. Moreover, you agree that WoodenAlley has the legal right to decide about whether a product is considered damaged or not.

      7. In case of orders related to a standard layout, as enumerated on the WoodenAlley’s website, without customization, the product(s) mentioned in the order will enter production irrespective of ODF sent to the customer or not. The Company seek approval only in case of the customized products) requested by the customer.

      How do I track my order?

      The flawless way to track any of your orders is to start by signing up at www.woodenalley.com and then visiting the order tracking page. Or, as a guest member, you can explore the page for tracking your order at LINK OF TRACKING PAGE and, then please fill your details like Order ID, email address, and the contact number linked with your order. After that, you can check details related to your orders such as Order Confirmation, Quality Check, Manufacturing process, and dispatch details. WoodenAlley always put the best efforts to deliver the product within the specified time limit. Also, our team will proactively stay in touch with the customer through e-mails, SMS, or calls to share updates about the status and transit of the product. By chance, in a very rare case, you have not got any form of contact from us after 10 days of placing an order, then please feel free to write us an email or call at the customer care number.

      What is the approximate time for the delivery of the product?

      The team WoodenAlley is extremely dedicated to dispatching your desired products within 3 to 4 weeks of the timeline. But, in the case of unusual situations such as riots, transport strikes, natural calamities (like floods, earthquakes, rains, etc.), then it might affect your estimated delivery duration compared to standard time. Worry not; in such unavoidable conditions, WoodenAlley will give you updates about your products. We will be responsible for keeping your ordered products on priority and deliver to you at the earliest possible time. Hereby, we humbly seek for your cooperation in the above extraordinary situations, as your support is important to make sure that we always keep serving you with premium quality of furniture.

      Talking about the custom products, they undergo a procedure for making from scratch, so sometimes the delivery time can get extended.

      The above mentioned estimated delivery time may be not applicable for some specific pin codes.

      Is there any type of delivery or installation costs, or any hidden charges?

      No, but the free shipping is only applicable for the very initial attempt of a visit to your given shipping address. Due to any reason the delivery is missed, an extra charge would be applicable for later installation visits.

      Also, the delivery team shall not be responsible for offering installation of different wall mounted units, like study table, home temple, TV unit, until the order value of 10,000. On condition that, a customer wants to assist this service, then an additional charge of 500 would be applicable during the order placing process.

      What aspects should I check when the product is delivered to my home?

      When the WoodenAlley products have been delivered to your doorstep, then please ensure the following criteria:-

      • 1. Please make sure that all the outer surfaces of your desired products for any kind of cracks, unfinished patches, breakages, or invasion of insects.
      • 2. If there is a deposition of some dust, or our product does not have shine, the delivery team of WoodenAlley will fix the issue on the spot by rubbing the surface with a cloth or applying a wood polish coat. Please notice that this is an acceptable and reliable standard way of cleaning or polishing the surface of the product.
      • 3. In case, there is a crack or scratch on the product; you can immediately raise this issue with the delivery person and the customer support team. We will try to resolve the issue on the spot, or arrange a visit of the carpenter to rectify it. By chance, the carpenter is not able to settle the issue; then, we shall remanufacture the delivered product or the part of it.
      • 4. For the products that require any form of assembly, please make sure that the delivery personnel assembles the product. After all, we want to give you full-satisfaction by fitting everything perfectly in your home.
      • 5. If your any ordered product requires installation/wall mounting, on priority, before the delivery, please decide the exact location where you would want it to be positioned. For this process, you can instruct the delivery executives for the same. Moreover, confirm about the approval for all the necessary things like drilling, etc., which is needed for mounting your product on the walls.
      • 6. The products which are designed to keep on the floor, like chairs and tables, make sure the product stands straight, stable, and balanced. In case, there is unevenness in legs (having a difference of less than 5 mm), our delivery team will place bushes at the foot to maintain the perfect posture. Talking about the rare chances for unevenness of more than 5 mm, our team will take the product back and deliver a repair or replacement, considering the extent of alterations needed.
      • 7. After the purchase from the category of seating products, like sofa sets, make sure you sit on the product to check its stability with your weight. Please cross-check the fabrics for any kind of defects or deformities.
      • 8. The splinters or loose pieces of products might hurt your arms, so especially check the insides of storage products such as shelves, drawers, etc., are well-finished. Though, the proportion of polish in the internal areas may not be equal to the proportion of polish on the external areas.
      • 9. Wood, especially such as hardwoods, have a difference in natural physical factors in respect of grained pattern and minimal stain. Any kind of knot will not be present in your product, as it results in structural weakness in the future, and also rejected at the stage of quality control. Generally, the differences in grain patterns and stains are acceptable for hardwood products.
      • 10. In the summer months, the solid wood products may swell slightly, which might result in the roughness of the drawer's movement. Worry not; this is completely normal, and don't panic under such conditions. Decrease the exposure of your wooden furniture to heat and when summer goes, and ultimately it will return back to the original form.

      After delivering the product to you and completing your inspection process, WoodenAlley's delivery team has left your property; then, we won't be responsible for any kind of damage that happens due to rough use or mishandling. In other words, no issues will be reported by the Company after successfully delivering and installing your product. The customer is 100% accountable for self-damages that occurred on the product and shall not receive any refund or replacement from us. Furthermore, if any damage found on exploration due to rough use or mishandling will not pass the criteria of refund, replacement, or compensations.

      Will the product delivered be exactly as displayed on the Website?

      WoodenAlley strives to deliver the best products and services the same as precisely the way they are showcased on the Website. Although, the tendency and nature of natural material-based products are that they are unique in their own way. Hereby, WoodenAlley denies any guarantee for the exactness of the finish coated and appearance of the final services or products purchased by the User for their requirements. The quality of services, information, products, or any other material ordered or acquired by you through the Website may not satisfy your intentions.

      What if there is any kind of product damage or manufacturing defect in the order I receive?

      • • At WoodenAlley, we implement highly upgraded and strict quality control evaluation to make sure that the product is up to the standard mark even during the time of delivery. For instance, you receive an ordered product that has been damaged during the process of transportation or some kind of manufacturing defect, like, levelling, balancing, paint, finish, fabric, etc., then please raise the issue then and there to the delivery personnel at the same time. Also, you have to contact the Customer Support team to report the said issue by providing photographic evidence. Our experts in the team will investigate the issue and get back to you within 1-2 working days. After that, depending on the degree and type of damage in the issue, the Company shall provide you the solution accordingly. In case, there is a concern of manufacturing faults, worry not a solution will be provided for that also.
      • • WoodenAlley team shall have the exclusive rights to justify the product is defective or not. (also mention the needed specifications)

      When will I get a refund, if qualified?

      If the User is eligible for any refund, the same shall be provided to you as per the below mentioned legal guidelines:-

      • • For the refunds process shall be subject to pick up all your cancelled products from your/customer's premises.
      • • After the products reached back to the warehouse, a process of refunding the amount will be initiated within 2-3 working days.
      • • The refund amount will be processed by Cash, NEFT, or by the mode of payment was initially made.
      • • Depending on the orders that User placed, the processing amount might be discounted.

      Newsletter and Communications

      You herewith precisely confirm to receive the newsletter and communications from WoodenAlley by the mode of e-mails and SMS. Even you choose to back-out/ unsubscribe from receiving the updates through newsletters and communications from the Company at any time you want by following the assigned procedure in the newsletters.