Fabric Sofa Sets

The stylish fabric sofa from the WoodenAlley collection can make your living room look alive and appealing. These are comfy, stylish, and come in a huge range to give you the utmost comfort. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or you want a cozy spot to chill with your kids or wants to accommodate extra guest overnight, a fabric sofa set is the most functional piece of furniture you can choose. In fact, our fabric sofa sets are the best option for a home interior design as these usually pair well with all kinds of colour schemes. From classic to traditional, low to the high back or tufted to plain, all are important factors considered at our online platform. A fabric sofa set is a great investment; a good quality sofa will last for years, so you must choose a one that is perfect for your home and lifestyle. So, get ready to find suitable fabric sofas online, which enhances the beauty and comfortability at its best.




At WoodenAlley, we have the inspiration, furniture, and home décor collection to create a ‘happy home’ that all your family will love.....

PankaJ Ji

At WoodenAlley, we have the inspiration, furniture, and home décor collection to create a ‘happy home’ that all your family will love.....


At WoodenAlley, we have the inspiration, furniture, and home décor collection to create a ‘happy home’ that all your family will love.....

Sumit Sharma

At WoodenAlley, we have the inspiration, furniture, and home décor collection to create a ‘happy home’ that all your family will love.....

kalesh Ji Damor

At WoodenAlley, we have the inspiration, furniture, and home décor collection to create a ‘happy home’ that all your family will love.....

Sunil Bahl

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Fabric Sofa Sets: A Charming, Cozy and Colorful Addition to your Space

Fabric sofas are one of the most comfortable and attractive furniture units. Nowadays, these are the most demanding furniture units as this looks superior, has comfortable seating, and easy to clean/maintain. At WoodenAlley, these units are available in the enormous type of designs and patterns.

Every fabric sofa set features comfortable upholstery that makes it cozier and more attractive, just like everyone wants. We assure, you will be happy to add such beauties to your home. If you are looking one for your home, then don’t worry; at WoodenAlley, you can check out the broadest range of fabric sofas online.

Incredible Advantages of Bringing Fabric Sofa Sets to your Abode

A fabric sofa is the center of attraction of your living room; it holds the power to change the entire look of your room. When you’re going for the selection of this centerpiece, that promises to serve you many years, here are some benefits you should know.

  • Easy to Maintain

    Rather then Fabric Sofa cleaning is a tough job on the sofa, and it has to be done with great care of Fabric Sofa, so the material doesn't get affected. WoodenAlley proffers fabric sofas that are pretty much easy to be maintained for Fabric Sofa Sets with a casual cleaning process. In most of the Fabric Sofa designs, you can add removable covers to Fabric Sofa, which can be taken off to be cleaned properly from Fabric Sofa. With fabric sofa sets, the chances are bright that they resist stains and spillages. Sometimes, you can use mild cleaners to wipe Fabric Sofa out. Also, the Fabric Sofa can be steamed once in a while to vanish the bad odor.

  • Comfortable

    The fabric draping on the sofa sets is way more comfortable and relaxing than leather or vinyl. As the latter material options are either cold on touching or make the surface sticky. The fabric sofas from WoodenAlley are not only more welcoming, but it does make a comfortable settee for the visitors. These units feature a soft surface that invites you to come and find your perfect spot.

  • Party Hosts

    Take the fabric sofa set beauty out in the backyard and enjoy the jolly congregations with your squad. The couch is a perfect party host when you arrange small get-togethers at home for your friends and relatives. You can also take it in the outdoor space and have fun conversations amidst nature with fabric sofas online available at WoodenAlley.

  • Affordable

    If you care about the pockets much, then the fabric sofa set from WoodenAlley is a perfect pick for your living. Many times, it is an affordable choice than the rest of the options in class. And since, fabric sofas don’t carry an exorbitant price tag, it is easier to buy big units, including the TV units, coffee tables, bookshelves, and other options.

  • Speaks Style

    The fabric sofas at WoodenAlley are available in a wide assortment of styles and colors. With the varieties obtainable in masses, it’s easy to choose the perfect set that can complement the décor of the living room and as per the personality trait of the owner. Also, fabric sofa sets can match other design elements in the area and look great alongside the curtains, rugs, lamps, and the wooden coffee table.

  • Healthy

     Fabric Sofa sets is made with natural fibers, and therefore Fabric Sofas are naturally hyper-allergic. Linen is considered as one of the healthiest fabrics as the outer portion of the material of Fabric Sofa is removed when the manufacturing of Fabric Sofa is done. The outer portion of the linen fabric is compact and tight on Fabric Sofa; it doesn't allow the dust particles or grim to settle. This way, no allergies will be there onFabric Sofa sets.

Why to Fabric Sofas Online in India from WoodenAlley?

The convenient process of buying the fabric sofa sets at WoodenAlley does not just end here. We offer a few more advantages; after all, who will ignore such an opportunity? Here is the list of services that can be availed from our online furniture store:-

  • Exceptional Quality Material

    WoodenAlley’s furniture range, including fabric sofas online collection for your living room interiors, is made from the premium combination of solid hardwood and upholstery. Both kinds of material viz., Mango, and Sheesham impart long-lasting life with robustness to every unit. These furniture units are also coated in finesse finishes such as Honey, Walnut, Teak, and many more. Further, you have an incredible color option for upholsteries of fabric sofas. At WoodenAlley, you can easily find a suitable choice that can blend with your home interiors beautifully.

  • Customization at your Service

    Many times, it happens that homeowners are not satisfied with the existing design from wooden furniture range, here comes Customization. Yes, we offer this service to deliver the desired furniture, including a fabric sofa set for your home. You can make alterations in respect of size, style, storage space, and many more factors.

  • Appealing Designs and Affordable Prices

    We have stocked the most comprehensive range of fabric sofa sets online in every type of style and price tag to satiate all your needs. With the appealing designs at WoodenAlley, you can take the benefit from the best festive and seasonal offers to enjoy the buying experience. So, stop searching and start finding the perfect furniture for your home at our store.

  • Additional Services

    The facilities like secure return service and free plus safe delivery of products are here to complete your purchasing process. At WoodenAlley, we are all ears to make your furniture buying process easy and best.

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